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BC Glass Spinner Caps + Ruby Terp Pearl + Stand

BC Glass Spinner Caps + Ruby Terp Pearl + Stand

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- Enjoy a hands-free rip with one of these spinner caps! 

- Flat and handled versions available. 

- Extremely clean spiraling on the base fits perfectly in any flat top banger. 

- Some caps are Bipolar with opposing colors on each side of the cap, and a few are also CFL/UV-reactive.

- Each spinner cap comes with a Ruby Terp Pearl and stand!


Flat Caps:

1) Illuminati (UV) Retti

2) Crushed Opal/Antidote

3) Pastel Serum (CFL)

4) Linework/Illuminati (UV)


Handled Caps:

5) Rasta Linework/Crushed Opal

6) Gold Ruby/Meta-Terrania

7) Moonstone/Gold Ruby

8) Rainbow Linework/Gold Ruby/Gold Amethyst

9) Fire Linework/Crushed Opal/Gold Amethyst

10) Gold Ruby/Moonstone/Neptune

11) Illuminati (UV)/Moonstone/Gold Amethyst



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