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JFell, BC Glass & DV8 Fume Portal Pod

JFell, BC Glass & DV8 Fume Portal Pod

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- This three-way collaboration Portal Pod is fumed out from head to toe! 

- Classic Portal Pod shaping and assembly by JFell. Fume vortex wing attachments made by BC. And implosion marbles and sacred geo fuming done by DV8. 

- The vortex wings all feature a unique swirl of fume and formed into diamond-like shapes. 

- An implosion marble rests underneath the neck of the piece, and other sits on the opposite side under the joint. 

- The entire piece is covered in gold fume, and the base features a heady sacred geometry flower of life design fume design.

- Ti signed and dated by JFell.


- Pelican hard case included.

Joint: 10mm with 2-hole perc.

Height: 6.5"

Base Diameter: 3.25"



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