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Mitchell Linework Sherlocks (CFL)

Mitchell Linework Sherlocks (CFL)

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- These pipes feature linework wigwags and classic Sherlock-style shaping.

- Made with CFL-reactive colors, these shift colors when in daylight vs fluorescent light.

- Each Sherlock features a linework marble, which not only feels great in your hand but also allows the pipe to conveniently sit upright.

- Linework on each Sherlock is unique in color combos and wigwags.

Length: 4"

Width: 2"

Bowl Diameter: 15mm


1) Slyme with Rainbow Linework

2) Pastel Sunset Slyme (CFL) with Rainbow Linework

3) Sunset Slyme (CFL) and Terps Shake (CFL) with Chaos Linework



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