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Wicked & Evol Terps Pineapple Kraken + Tentacle Spinner Cap

Wicked & Evol Terps Pineapple Kraken + Tentacle Spinner Cap

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- The head of the Pineapple Kraken is made by Evol, with incredible puck grid work. The body was shaped by Wicked.

- This Kraken has unique tentacle placement in that it appears to be moving forward. This is the first tentacle arrangement of it's kind. 

- This insane Pineapple Kraken is made with CFL-reactive Terps, which shifts from yellow in daylight to orange in fluorescent light.

- The body of the Kraken is made with Atlantis.

- This collab weighs about twice as much as a classic Kraken. You will truly love the expertise that went into this piece of art.

- Two black opal eyes flash heavy blue and green.

- Height: 8.5"

- Width: 6"

- Depth: 7"

- This comes with a matching Terps tentacle spinner cap! 

- Shipped in a square crate. *no pelican case included.



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