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Wicked & Who's Your Gaffer UV Dichro Kraken + Spinner Cap + Trident + Joint Holder

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- This insane collab Kraken is made with psychedelic dichro coated dotstack sections by Who's Your Gaffer, and shaped and assembled by Wicked.

- The head and joint of the Kraken is made with WYG's section and features black and white dotstack sections, rainbow wigwags and covered in dichro. 

- Two black opal eyes flashy heavy red and green.

- The entire body of the Kraken is coated with UV-reactive Flamingo, which glows neon pink under UV light. The beak under the body of the Kraken is made with UV-reactive Nova, which glows yellow under UV light.

- It holds a dotstack marble playfully in one tentacle.

- The suction cups of the Kraken are made with Gold Ruby, a stunning pink-ish red made with real Gold.

- 10mm joint.

- Height: 7.75"

- Width: 6.5"

- Depth: 7"

- The set includes: a Dotstack Tentacle Spinner Cap, UV and Dichro Trident Dabber, and Joint Holder.



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